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Domain Entities

One concept in Domain Driven Design that may be familiar to you is entities. Most object relational mappers like ...

Domain Services

Before diving in to what Domain Services are, let's first under the problem they solve. Let's recall one of the ...

What is Domain Driven Design?

Spend time searching the internet for "What is Domain Driven Design" and you'll quickly find it's been defined ...

Using Value Objects as Entity Properties

When learning software development it's highly probable you learned to leverage built-in programming language value

Returning Value Objects from Methods

You're not limited to using Value Objects as entity property types. They have a lot of valuable uses as method ...

Null Value Object Properties

One of the questions I'm occasionally asked is how should null value object properties be handled? For ...

Identity Value Object Types

This article reviews some of the different Identity Value Object Types and is an addition to Identity Value ...

Identity Value Objects

Today I want to talk about an idea that brings a paradigm shift to the way you identify domain entities. How do you

Value Objects vs Primitives – When Not to Use Primitives?

Today I'd like to talk about Value Objects vs Primitives and when you'd want to use a Value Object over a ...

Value Objects: The Basics

A Value Object is an object that gets its equality from the values of it's properties instead of an identity and is


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