Value Objects Course

Chapter 1: Principles of Value Objects

In this chapter you’ll learn about the underlying key principles that make Value Objects, well… Value Objects.

Chapter 2: Null Value Object Properties

A few questions come up after acquiring the basic understanding of Value Objects and learning how to use them and when. One of these questions is how to handle null values. 

Chapter 3: Value Objects vs Primitives

Let’s see how far we can take Value Objects in this course. You’ll see with a real world example what can happen to your software domain when replacing even basic primitive types like booleans with a Value Object.

Chapter 4: Returning Value Objects From Methods

Value Object usage doesn’t have to be limited to entity property types. Learn how applying Value Objects to method return values can improve software suppleness and longevity.

Chapter 5: Identity Value Objects

Bringing a paradigm shift to the way you identify your domain entities.

Chapter 6: Identity Value Object Types

Abstract implementations for some common Identity Value Objects.